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Welcome to Neitropia clinic!

Patients of our clinic are within the age range of -9 months to 109+ years.

Our review begins with your current condition: Analysis of available medical records, medical images and laboratory investigations.

The second stage is a holistic analysis. We determine the level of health of your physical, emotional, mental and psychological state.

This is then followed by the preparation of your personal treatment plan.



Homeopathy (from the Greek όμοιος, homios, meaning similar and πάθος, pathos disease) is a base  alternative method, whose foundations were laid in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. The basic principle of the method: “Like cures like”. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by representatives of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom, pathological tissues, secretions  and excretion using the methods of dilution and succussion. Once the surface resistance of the solution reaches the Avogadro number, it is no longer present as molecules of a substance, but only as background information encoded in the annular space configuration of the water. In studies of the Modern Scientist, succussion leads to simultaneous motion of water molecules, respectively, those of oxygen and subsequent formation of a synchronous directed electromagnetic field that when received, the body re-organizes its electromagnetic field.


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Dr. Marcelo Candegabe, Professor of Homeopathic Medical Doctrine and History of Homeopathy and former Director of the Escuela Médica Homeopática Argentina (EMHA – Argentine Homeopathic School) Tomás Pablo Paschero, founder and Director of the Universidad Candegabe de Homeopatía, Distance Learning University. Creator of the HUMA Method and the “Candegabe Algorithm”.

The algorithm is a mathematical and complex code which uses different individual values collected throughout history. Hahnemann used the symptomatic code of the patient to find the simillimum, among those remedies which share the same pathogenetic picture. The algorithm is an intermediate step approaching a mathematical relation between the patient and a group of mathematically similar remedies, so that the physician can chose the most appropriate remedy according to the totality of symptoms.

For the patient, the “Candegabe Algorithm” is the “Homeopathy Passport” which contains all homeopathic remedy related to him.

The impregnancy number gives a punctual characteristic of physical, emotional, and mind state in three main sectors of life: outer world, inner world, acute phase, in harmonic and disharmonic state.

Explanation of the H.U.M.A Method

Candegabe Algorithm Demo

More H.U.M.A Videos


Guru Ji

Neurotherapy (LMNT) is a non-pharmacological, manipulative, alternative therapy. Although it has its roots in ancient Indian writings, Dr. Mehra reoriented and developed different aspects: Principles; Diagnosis-specific; Specific symbolic language; Formulations for treatment of various diseases / disorders.

Dr. Mehra has succeeded in the development of this therapy after intensive studies of diseases / disorders, in agreement with the anatomy and physiology of the human applying logical principles of Neurotherapy; formulating treatments for various diseases. In recent studies, including studies on patients on established formulas of treatment, assessment of response time relief is experienced by the patient.

Neurotherapy is a unique blend of non-pharmacological therapy and medical research. Diagnosis includes specific Neurotherapy diagnosis and also an analysis of medical records / x-rays, ECG., Sonography, MRI, pathology, etc.

Neurotherapy believes that the body is suffering from a disease as a biochemical imbalance of acids, bases, hormones, enzymes, antigens, antibodies which disturbs the human body. Treatment restores this disturbed biochemical balance by stimulating the various organs to function normally, to produce the necessary chemicals in optimal quantities. In Neurotherapy we apply pressure to stop the blood flow to specific areas of the body, mainly legs and occasionally arms for a particular duration (6 seconds to 40 seconds). After removing the pressure, blood flow rushes with great force to activate or deactivate the corresponding nerves / glands / organs.

One of the main ideas of Dr. Mehra is that the navel is the only connection between mother and child, so the navel is the epicenter of the body, and diagnosis is made through the navel as the epicenter of diagnosis and treatment. Creating graphics for diagnosing pain in various areas of the human body, character language, formulas treatment various diseases. In 1976 he called this therapy “Neurotherapy” and in 1999 it was renamed to “Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra Neurotherapy” to honor the creator of the therapy. Neurotherapy is effective in the treatment of asthma, arthritis, colds, injuries, hormonal imbalance, mental disorder, menstrual irregularities, infertility, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, circulatory disorders, cancer, skin and digestive disorders, adjustment of acid-base balance in body and other nosological units for all age groups.

What is Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy /LMNT/?Power Point Presentation Dr.Eliya Kostova

What is Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy /LMNT/? Video Presentation Dr.Eliya Kostova

Infant treatment

Child treatment

Adult treatment

Multiple Sclerosis

LMNT FAN/ Fast Treatment,Ajay Normal Treatment/ Child

LMNT.1,25 DCC. Pure Folic Acid Treatment.Therapy balancing Immunity often ill child

LMNT.DSN.Asphyxia Neonatorum. Mild Autism.LMNT. Alkaline Treatment .Oxygen Treatment.

Lazar Belgrade, Serbia. Paralyses Celebralis. Amaurosis bilateralis. Epilepsia Symptomatica

LMNT. Measured in the effect of ATF as change in magnetic Capacitance aka electric Resistance.

LMNT.Spastic Bronchitis during Motion. Disorders of Acidosis. Asthma Treatment

LMNT & MS. Mr. Achariya Atal Interview

LMNT & Biofield Viewer


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As the originator of Su Jok Therapy / microacupuncture correspondence systems, acupuncture Triorigin System, 6 Ki Theory, 8-Origin-Theory, Diamond Energy System, M-Particle-Theory, Twist Therapy, Onnuri Medicine, Triorigin Smile Yoga and Meditation, and others, Prof. Park Jae Woo is an eminent Author, Scholar, Teacher and internationally renowned Philosopher and Visionary in the field of Human Healthcare and Spirituality.

Su Jok therapy (from the Korean «Su» – hand, «Jok» – foot) is an alternative / complementary method of medical treatment through the energy points and areas corresponding to the body’s organs and systems on the hands, feet and on other parts of the body.

Su Jok therapy has imbibed all the best from traditional medicine of the Orient and has become an example of a new integration science developed by Professor Park Jae Woo.

Su Jok therapy is highly efficient for treatment of most common diseases and its effect on acute and chronic pain is unique.

Su Jok therapy includes a number of therapeutic methods: needling, magnet therapy, light- and color-treatments, mineral and seed therapy, moxibustion, acupuncture and others.

Park Jae Woo

Back Pain Energy Booster Su Jok Moxibustion

Shoulder Pain Su Jok Moxibustion


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TES therapy – is kind of a transcranial electrostimulation (TES), a non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment method executed through low current special features using electrodes placed through wet pads on the scalp. This achieves a therapeutic effect, which selectively activates the protective mechanisms of the brain and causes intense release of endorphins and serotonin. It is because of the increase of concentration of these substances in the brain and in the blood flow through the treatment effects of TES therapy.

The basis of TES therapy is registered for open scientific selectivity of transcranial electrical effects on the protective mechanisms of the brain, developed about 20 years ago at the Institute of Physiology named after I.P. Pavlov at the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) by a group of scientists headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academian of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, laureate of the State prize of the USSR, Valeriy P. Lebedev. Practical implementation is carried out by specially developed biomedical devices called “TRANSAIR.”

TES Therapy Intro

TES & Genetics

coMra δelta SERIES LASER

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In the 1960’s we saw the birth of Low Intensity Laser Therapy and in the 1990s of MIL-Therapy, an acronym for Magnetic-Infrared-Laser Therapy – a medical therapy which most closely resembles the way in which the physical body heals itself. This was the beginning of true complementary medicine, for this technology today is designed not to interfere in the ability of the body to heal itself naturally, but instead to co-operate with the physical body that is, the healer within, by providing it with all the necessary conditions it needs for what it alone is most qualified to do: namely, to heal itself.

coMra-Therapy is based on MIL-Therapy and the principle known as Coherent Multi-Radiances. The forefathers of MIL-Therapy knew that there are essentially four radiant energies that have to be synthesised into working together as one coherent whole. These energies are:

1. Infra-red laser;
2. Four basic colours: red – green – indigo violet – yellow;
3. Magnetism;
4. Ultrasound;

The infrared laser provides the energetic stimulus for healing. This additional energy is vital for the healing process to take place in the diseased cells that are, as a rule, already in energetic deficit.

The four basic colours provide the message to the healer within; that is, regenerate or rejuvenate, depending upon what is being treated. All of this is done through: a) the actual frequencies used for both the infrared laser as well as the four colours; b) the specific sequence and the geometry in which the radiances are used.

The magnetism provides a force field for two purposes: a) It acts as a channel for keeping all the radiances focussed and directed; b) It determines the effective depth the other radiances penetrate the subcutaneous layer.

The ultrasound provides a gentle but firm impetus, allowing the diseased cells to reorganise themselves internally much more quickly. Cells become dis-eased when the cause of a particular illness leads them to become disorganised internally.

coMra Therapy Intro

comRa Delta 905 Laser & Biofield view