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Lyme Arthritis



Lyme disease / Lyme borreliosis / is an infectious disease caused by at least four bacterial species of the Borrelia genus. The Borrelia burgdorferi is a major cause in North America, while the Borrelia Afzelii, the Borrelia Garini, the Borelli Spielmanii, and others are characteristic causes in Eurasia.

Borrelia is spread in humans after a bite of hard feathered ticks, but there are also confirmed serological cases of transfusion by fleas, some flies and mosquitoes.

The reservoir of the infection serve various wild, domestic animals, including some nesting birds on the ground.

Lyme disease requires an arthropod, but a case of transmission through breast milk, tears, human secretions and sex is described.


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Lyme borreliosis is a multisystem disease that manifests itself with the symptoms:

  1. skin lesions
    – erythema migrans
    – acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans / third clinical stage occurring years after the bite /
  2. flu-like conditions
  3. neurological diseases occurring weeks to months after the bite
    – meningitis
    – encephalitis

– asymmetric polyneurites

– peripheral paresis of the facial nerve (especially in children)

– progressive encephalomyelitis / third clinical stage occurring years after bite /


4. affecting the bone-joint apparatus
– arthritis, with predominant involvement of knee joints, joint joints

– arthralgia

– myalgias

– chronic erosive arthritis / third clinical stage occurring years after bite /


5. affecting the cardiovascular system
– myocarditis

– pericarditis


Borreliosis leads to a powerful immune response and persistence in the circulation. The disease goes through various clinical stages, from early to late infection.






Specific IgM antibodies are detected at higher concentrations in the early stages of the infection, and in the later stages they decrease progressively. In the first weeks after infection, the antibodies may be in undetectable values ​​and the test may be negative. An isolated IgG positive result may indicate active Lyme disease or an infection with persistent antibodies. In case of undefined and boundary values ​​of antibodies, as well as confirmation of the diagnosis of Lyme disease, it is advisable to use immunoblot-tests.

The allopathic treatment of Lyme disease is based on the use of antibiotics susceptible to Borrelia burgdorferi. The duration of the course and the regimen of administration are related to the phase of infection and clinical symptoms.





Often patients with long-term borreliosis are also looking for alternative treatment approaches.

Neitropia Clinic presents a case of 10-year duration of Lyme disease showing chronic arthritis of joints of hands and ankles, with a persistently high level of IgG in the circulation. Additional manifestation of carpal tunnel syndrome. As a result persistent morning stiffness,limitation in limb movement , partial contractions.

The treatment plan includes:

  1. homeopathic remedy covering symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome
  2. homeopathic Borrelia nose
  3. ultrasound therapy of palms and wrists for carpal tunnel symptoms – pain, edema, contractions, decreased finger mobility, hands and wrists, by improving tissue circulation




The result was impressive only days after homeopathic therapy – decreased joint swelling, lack of pain and morning stiffness.

And thanks to the ultrasound therapy increased mobility in the joint-arm apparatus by hand, an increased perimeter of possible actions by hand, reduced to almost all symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Therapy follows its course.

Follow-up of the case will be posted .



Author Dr. Eliya Kostova