Dr. Thornten Streeter & Biofield Viewer in Bulgaria Event


1st International Conference on The Biofield and The Science of Healing

Dr. Eliya Kostova: EM structure of Human Biofield and Visualisation

Eugenio Lepine: Consciousness and Electromagnetic Biofields

Dr. Willem Lammers: Socioenergetic Fields: New Developments in Logosynthesis

Wendie Colter: Medical Intuition: The Inside Stories

Zoran Hochstatter – Fundamentals of working with the Biofield

Boris Petrovic – 1st Int. Conference on the Biofield and the science of healing

Biofield immersive, science that supports a new vision of health

Свободата да бъдеш – Just Be – 08/04/2017:

Етоса, патоса и логоса в холизма. Ethos,pathos and logos in Holism.

Как да подобрим здравето си с природни методи и биохармониране!17-19/02/2017г Еко Хотел “Здравец”/ How to improve our health with natural methods and bio-harmonization! 17-19 / 02/2017

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