Traction in the Motion

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Represent Cervico 2000 & Vertetrac & D. B. S (Dynamic Brace System)

Cervico 2000 is a dynamic ambulatory traction device for the treatment of acute and chronic neck pain based on an entirely new three-dimensional traction approach to treatment.

Cervico 2000 goes beyond pain relief to target the actual cause of the pain. Cervico 2000 actively promotes the healing of disorders by performing a decompression to the cervical spine, reducing the pain from injuries such as herniated discs, torticollis and whiplash.

Cervico 2000 breaks away from conventional neck braces and wall mounted devices to offer an autonomous solution that can be customized to fit the patient’s needs. The key to the Cervico 2000’s approach is its ability to conduct both symmetric and asymmetric traction to the cervical spine.

Benefits and Advantages:
– Only 15 minutes per treatment session: Treatment duration is shorter than other conventional treatments, requiring on average 15 – 20 minutes per day. As a result, patients are no longer confined to time-consuming solutions and can regain control over their schedule and lives.

Indications for use:
-Neck pain as a result of discogenic disorders, osteoarthritis, or degenerative changes in the cervical spine
-Whiplash injuries, usually as a result of a traffic accident (injuries which do not involve breakage or dislocation of the bones)
-Torticollis as a result of rheumatic or muscular spasm or torticollis with a neurological signsJob-related neck pain (i.e. clerks, secretaries), prolonged computer use, sewing, etc
-Sports injuries (without breakage or dislocation).

Vertetrac Dynamic Ambulatory 3-D Traction

Vertetrac’s lumbar ambulatory decompression system is an
innovative and cost-effective approach to treating spinal injuries and disorders, including: lower back pain, scoliosis, sport injury, herniated discs, and sciatica.
The Vertetrac outperforms traditional traction methods such as body braces and decompression tables through implementing 3-D decompression: vertical, horizontal, symmetrical and asymmetrical traction, allowing for complete freedom of movement during treatment.

The novel product applies decompression with horizontal force in order to enable simultaneous 3-D decompression therapy from all dimensions.
The Vertetrac allows for complete freedom of movement: the patient is encouraged to partake in active rehabilitation during treatment in order to instigate accelerated recovery.

Benefits and Advantages:
-Only 30 minutes per treatment session – Treatment sessions are significantly shorter and can be completed with minimal interruption of the patient’s daily routine.
– Complete freedom of movement: patients wearing the device have the freedom to move and perform light activities and physical exercise such as walking, standing, or sitting, during treatment.

Indications for use:
-All lumbar disc disorders of primary and secondary origin
-Lumbar back disorders caused by misalignment of the apophyseal joints
-Lumbar back disorders caused by Spondyloarthrosis and Spondylolystesis
(First and second degree)
-Sports injury
-Spinal Stenosis due to disc herniation
-Idiopathic Scoliosis (juvenile, adolescent or adult)

D. B. S (Dynamic Brace System)

The D.B.S. (Dynamic Brace System) is a patented system used for the treatment of idiopathic juvenile, adolescent, and adult scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine and is considered the most common spinal deformity. Approximately 500,000 American adults have scoliosis of over 30°. Scoliosis in adults over 20 years of age begins in childhood or adolescence, and is mostly overlooked until it is quite severe.

There are two different forms of scoliosis: structural, with definite changes in the vertebrae, and postural, which is of functional character.

The D.B.S unit serves as an attachment to the Vertetrac and adjusts the traction in combination with a horizontal pressure force locating it on the apex of the curve.
Benefits and Advantages:
Safe and Cost-Effective
While invasive procedure might have irreversible results and require subsequent rehabilitation post-hospitalization, the D.B.S treatment costs a fraction of the costs of spinal surgery and has no side effects.

Indications for use:
The spinal curvature is between 10-30 degrees and has structured changes including rotation. The curve progression should be considered only with a minimum increase of 5 degrees on two sequential X-rays

Dear patients you can improve your musculo-sceletal health, restore posture with Meditrac Medical Equipment products in Neitropia Clinic just for 15-30 minutes daily for 10-15 days.
Be healthy and fit!

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