Eliya Kostova, MD

Owner of Neitropia – Alternative & Complementary & Internal Medicine Clinic.

Medical doctor with specialization in Internal Medicine, Economy of Health, Law Regulation of Public Health, Management of Recreation, Spa and Wellness.

Master Homeopath accredited by the Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria (AHPB) and European Commitee for Homeopathy (ECH).

Representative for H.U.M.A Method and Online Materia Medica Master Program of Universidad Candegabe de Homeopatía Argentina.

Certificate education for Su Jok Therapy, Twist Therapy and Smile Meditation, Onnuri Auricular Therapy, Su Jok Teachers Course, Master Degree Reiki Practitioner, Seichim-SKHM-SSR, Magnefield Healing Therapy, Transcranial Electro Stimulation, Quantum Touch, Three step breathing Therapy, Prana healing, CoMra Therapy, Neurotherapy, Remote Viewing.